AeroShield® Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation by yellowblue™ Eco Tech helps prevent radiant heat from getting in during the summer and out during the winter. Regardless of how much insulation you have in your attic, adding AeroShield will add to your savings on your heating and cooling expenses while keeping you cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and much more comfortable year-round.

Reflective Insulation

AeroShield® Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation by yellowblue Eco Tech is versatile at minimizing & helping to correct heat transfer problems while conserving energy and creating a more comfortable living environment.

For best thermal protection, use AeroShield® in conjunction with existing insulation to help block radiant energy plus heat conduction and convection!

In attic & crawl spaces

up to



See Chart for testing


AeroShield® Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation greatly increases comfort in many residential & commercial applications. It addresses all 3 methods of heat transfer; Conduction, Convection, & Radiation. AeroShield® is ASTM tested, offers superior fire ratings, and meets all requirements by the 2000 International Business Code (IBC)


How does it work?

Unlike traditional attic insulation which can slow down heat transfer, AeroShield Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation by yellowblue helps reflect radiant heat back to its source.

How can AeroShield keep heat out in the summer?

AeroShield uses 99% pure aluminum to reflect the sun's radiant heat. Therefore, it keeps much of the radiant heat from saturating the insulation in your attic. The insulation stays cooler so your house stays cooler.

Has AeroShield been tested by a qualified lab?

Yes! Energy tests were conducted by Johns Manville Technical Center. AeroShield passes the UL1715/ UBC 26-3 Room Corner Wall Fire Test and meets all requirements for as required by the 2000 IBC. Many other products claim a Class 1 rating, however, some bubble-pack or foam core reflective installation products generate a Flame Spread many times the 25 rating required to achieve a Class 1 rating.

In addition, AeroShield passes the Intertek testing and meets all requirements for NFPA286 (2011 Edition) in conjunction with 2012 IBC Section 803.1.2 & Section 2603.10 for thermal barrier.

How will AeroShield keep me
warmer in the winter?

AeroShield uses advanced technology that will help hold the heat in the house just like wrapping a baked potato in aluminum foil. The potato stays warmer longer by holding the heat in.

How does AeroShield address
moisture problems?

Because of the specifically engineered size and spacing of the perforations, AeroShield allows moisture to escape. In addition, AeroShield has created a thermal break, the space between the two layers of 99% pure polished aluminum. This increases the ability of the insulation to BREATHE even more!

How is AeroShield installed?

AeroShield should be installed by trained technicians & is best when used in conjunction with existing insulation to block radiant heat plus conduction and convection. Common areas for installation are attic & crawl spaces, below radiant floors, on basement walls, on attic knee walls, & behind batts & walls.


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